Photo: Steve Belkowitz

Urban Scuba Series:

URBAN SCUBA, aka dumpster-diving, is off-the-wall choreography, different, daring and dangerous. Bringing new life to our city’s best debris, URBAN SCUBA marries traditional dance with dare-devil physical theater: high art for the lowbrow and vice versa - performances that are unique, engaging and wonderfully surprising, full of vitality and hip, cutting-edge fun.


Plunge into the fantastical imagination of the innovative Artistic Director Brian Sanders for a raucous ride through the machinations of found objects turned spectacle. 'Renowned for its thrilling moves' and unique fusion of aerial choreography and props, Sanders and his troupe JUNK build a world of wonder out of things you pass by everyday. Let yourself be immersed in a fantasia of acrobatics, athleticism, dance and theater.  URBAN SCUBA is JUNK unparalleled and you'll never look at objects the same way again! 

Exquisite beauty, slapstick humor, and gasp-inducing feats of derring-do…”
— Philadelphia Inquirer