Fall Fringe Series:


September 5-21, 2019

Venture through this multi-sensory, diabolical indoor maze designed for the 70s rocker-at-heart. Part maze, part performance, part musical homage; in this polarizing world where right is wrong and good is bad, enter the labyrinth to discover the beautiful monster that lies within. Created from decaying hearts and the unsolvable mystery of love, be warned, those who venture through the maze inevitably leave a piece of their heart within its metal walls, twisting and turning and pulsating to the beat of a cryptic hard-rock love ballad.

Please note, this is a physical adventure and guests must be able to walk about the space and climb stairs. Unfortunately, our venue is not wheelchair accessible. This experience includes heavy use of music, strobe lighting, fog, and may not be suitable for all visitors.

Post Labyrinth:

Skein of Heart marks the 20th anniversary of JUNK’s first Fringe performance. Following the maze guests are invited to “Fringe: 20 Years Later” a talkback with artist Brian Sanders, during which we will announce some exciting new projects at JUNK! Additionally, some guests may choose to take part in beta-testing for an Escape Room (50 mins) or a VR Experience (10-15 mins).

Skein of Heart runs approximately 35 minutes with an additional (and optional) post show adventure ranging from 15 - 50 minutes. Click here for ticket prices and showtimes.

Boldly erotic, seductively exuberant... Brian Sanders’ JUNK, brings all the physicality, psychology, and emotional intensity inherent in the title, and in the company’s spectacular signature style.”
— Deb Miller, DC Metro Theater Arts

Since 1999, JUNK has been presenting groundbreaking new works as part of the Philadelphia Fringe Festival. The site-specific productions are provocative and physically intense performance experiences, that take place in unpredictable, and uncommon venues, striving to opening our minds to new perspectives. This upcoming 2019 fall performance will mark JUNK’s 20th year participating in the Philadelphia Fringe Festival.