Photo: Bill Hebert

Philadelphia Fringe Series

Since 1999, JUNK has been presenting groundbreaking new works as part of the Philadelphia Fringe Festival. The site-specific productions are provocative and physically intense performance experiences, that take place in unpredictable, and uncommon venues, striving to opening our minds to new perspectives.



Get your lounge gear out and prep for 1960s Palm Springs…by way of 10th and Hamilton, that is. Join JUNK on The Patio at Spring Arts in a plunge of the senses. Savor the sleekness of jet-black oiled skin against the bright white of patent leather. Let your eyes sip on the rich silk of milk splashing from above. Light dances on a cloud of misted water as the heat of the night drizzles down the fine hairs of your back. Plunge.

Curated by the Ministry for Aesthetic Embellishments, presenting Anthrotropic Artifactuals since 2060.

Executive Producers: Duane Perry and Arthur Kaplan

September 7, 8, 14, 15, 21, 22

10:30 pm

$25 / 50 minutes

The Patio at Spring Arts
10th and Hamilton Sts.
Philadelphia, PA 19123


In Plunge, Sanders takes an saucy look at our present day culture – from the future. The 50 minute performance unfolds throughout a unique, 60’s styled, outdoor cocktail lounge and celebrates the glories of mid-century modern life. . . give or take a few decades to account for historic accuracy.

I needed to invent a couple of words, as we humans do, to make sense of things. My favorites are, anthrotopic, sustainablism and fecophogus”,
— says Sanders

Founded in 2060, the Ministry of Aesthetic Embellishments is a leading sustainable excavation-site dedicated to advancing research, education, and public engagement in anthrotropic artifactuals. Visitors to the Ministry have the opportunity to get face-to-face with towering rusted relics, meet live scientistorians, and explore a mid-century garden patio filled with artifactuals of the era.

The Ministry’s working scientistorians spend their days focusing on critical global issues and their anthrotropic relevance. In the field, scientistorians have traveled as far as the Jenkintown flats to sample populations for artifactual ghost bytes. Closer to home they have been studying the recently discovered mid-century tonic scrolls now available at the fossil bar. These research efforts and many others enable the Ministry to provide accurate, real-time information to the public on anthrotropic scientistories and sustainablism.

fecophogus  | fēˈkäfəgəs|
noun (pl. fecocophagi |-ˌjī| )

an erosion-resistant plastic satchel containing animal waste, typically adorned with a winsome graphic or inscription and associated with the civilizations of Preneophiladelphic Era and the Jenkintown Flats at the turn of the century.

Fecophogi are an abundant artifactual of the time. It is not believed that there was a particular affinity to the waste itself, however, it has been surmised that natives followed the animals around collecting this waste to preserve it.

The Patio at Spring Arts (located at 500 N. 10th Street, Philadelphia PA 19123) is open at 7:30P giving audience members a chance to hang out and grab a beverage prior to the performance which begins at 10:30P on Fridays and Saturdays, Sept 7th thru Sept 22nd, 2018.

Boldly erotic, seductively exuberant... Brian Sanders’ JUNK, brings all the physicality, psychology, and emotional intensity inherent in the title, and in the company’s spectacular signature style.”
— Deb Miller, DC Metro Theater Arts